Friday, July 22, 2016

Welcome to our very first blog for Worldwide Scrapbooking! We are sooo excited to share this journey with all of you.  We launched our website in December of last year and we haven't looked back!!  What an extraordinary adventure this has been.  
So let's start with who we are over here and why we started this journey.  I am Lori Laporte, the creator of this crazy place.  I wanted to start this business in particular, because of my love of scrapbooking and my belief in the importance of keeping memories.  I  have an older son who is now 26 years old and I realized when I started scrapbooking that I did not have nearly enough pictures or videos of him. So now I am the crazy picture taking mother who takes pictures of everything of my now 14 year old son and 10 year old daughter.
I also started this business because I was frustrated with not being able to find all the wonderful products available. Up here in Northern Ontario, our local craft store does not carry a lot of variety. I knew if I was feeling this way, I'm sure many other people were too.
So, the wheels started turning. This turned into business classes, which turned into market research, networking, and learning, learning and more learning! All of this turned into a vision I’m proud to say has finally come to fruition…Worldwide Scrapbooking Supplies!
I will introduce you to the rest of our fantastic crew as we go along.
We are hoping to share our love with scrapbooking with veteran scrapbookers who probably know more than we do, lol, and attract new scrapbookers to fall in love with this craft the way we did.
Now, we are not going to claim to be perfect, as you will see in some of our upcoming stories of projects we have done, sometimes the first attempt just isn't pretty.  Anyone can make something look easy and perfect after several attempts, but we are real, we make mistakes, we make wonderful projects, and we really do know what we are talking about around here.
We hope you will follow along with us, have a few laughs, probably at our expense, as we are kind of quirky around here, learn a few things and have a lot of fun as we work with you to help you tell your story.




  1. How wonderful to read and learn about you. I follow you on IG but didn't realize that you are a fellow Ontarian. Yay!

    Off to subscribe via email so I don't miss a post. Best of luck with your blogging journey!

  2. Cool love to support local business!!!