Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Halloween Card using Lawn Fawn's Mommy & Me!

Hello crafters! 

Fall is actually one of my favorite times of the year. I looove the bright reds, oranges and yellow colors, the feeling of the crisp air, pumpkins, corn stalks and hay bales. But.... I reluctantly am getting on board with the "Halloween crafts in August thing".  After a big push from my co-workers, I thought maybe starting with something small like a card  would ease me into the season.  I'm just not ready to accept that summer is coming to an end!

Lawn Fawn's 'mommy and me' stamp and die set feature 2 owls, a mom and a baby. They're super cute, and owls are great for fall/Halloween crafts!

Here's the card! 

I used a 6.5" x 5" off white card base and cut navy blue cardstock for the trim. The orange polka dot paper is from the  Pebbles 2012 collection. 

The tree was cut in Cricut Design Space. The cartridge is Monster Bash.

I stamped and die cut the owls and colored them with colored pencils in yellow & brown tones. Cute but spooky! 

Enjoy the card, Halloween will be here before you know it! 


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Birthday Layout using the Memory MISTI!

Hello Scrappers!

We're hooked on using our Memory Misti to make our own background papers for our layouts! We used our 12x12 Misti and a balloon stamp to create a birthday rainbow!

Here's the layout!

Here's how I made it! 

I placed a 12x12 sheet of white cardstock in my Memory Misti. I thought balloons would be a great stamp for a birthday layout. This stamp is by Forever in Time.

Starting in the top right corner, I drew a very light pencil line to the bottom left corner. This way I knew that on one side of the line I needed to stamp pink, orange and yellow. On the other side would be green, blue purple. 

In the top left corner I started stamping the balloon in pink, then orange. 

The Misti, leaves a bit of room to stamp around the edge of your paper, which makes it super easy to stamp off the edge a bit. 

I continued down the page, changing colours as needed. 

Once I reached my pencil line, I erased it, and knew it was time to start the green balloons. 

I needed to rotate my cardstock in order to have more room at the edge for the stamp to stick to the Misti. There is a bit more give along the hinge side of the Misti, so I rotated toward that side. 

Before long, the entire page had been stamped in rainbow balloons!

I trimmed 1 inch off of each edge, and cut the cardstock into 4 equal sized squares. 

I chose a sheet of navy blue cardstock for the background, so it would really make the bright colours pop. The frame still seemed a bit unfinished, so I grabbed the twine to create a border. 

I marked the corners using a pencil. Using a hole punch, I punched holes to thread the twine through. I ran the twine through the holes, and taped it to the back of the layout. I'll cover the holes later with an enamel dot. 

The finished border:

I adhered the balloon stamped cardstock squares to the background, and added a photo and title. I used adhesive rainbow enamel dots to cover the holes from the twine. 

Here's the finished layout again!

Layouts that include a lot of stamping are definitely a labour of love, but so worth it in the end! 

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Grid Layout & Birthday Card using Echo Parks' Dino Friends

Echo Park Dino Friends Layout & Card

Good morning scrappers!

Dinosaurs never go out of style for children! We had a great time using the Dino Friends collection from Echo Park Paper to create a card and layout!

Let's start with the card!

We started with a 5.5 x 5.5 off white card base. We used paper from the collection for the green mat, and the bottom third of the card. The Dino egg paper has such a great colour palette!

We used plain blue cardstock from our stash and embossed it using the embossing folder that is also part of the Dino Friends collection. It gave a great effect! We used thin yellow washi tape to divide the different papers. 

The collection also features stamps! "Rawr means I love you in dinosaur" is the stamp we used, isn't that the cutest sentiment! 

This card is on it's way to a 'rawrsome' birthday boy this week! 

On to the layout! 

Making a grid layout with blocks of varying sizes is not as much fun as it sounds! Trying to find the right balance of sizes while making sure the edges were even was challenging, but we pulled it off!

We used the same stamp set as the card to embellish the paper. The great thing about this collection is that some of the papers are not dino themed, but still fit in with the theme. 

Another great product in the collection is the chipboard accents. We used one for the 'You are so rawrsome' title at the top! 

My kids & I went to an awesome dinosaur exhibit with animated dinos last year, and got a great family photo that will go great on this layout! 

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back to School Scrapbook Titles

Hello Scrapbookers! 

It's almost the most wonderful time of the year again, ...no not Christmas, back to school!!!! Yahoo!

Just kidding, actually, I love having the kids home, no lunches to make, no routines, lots of time just hanging out together. 

But back to school is coming soon for us and has already started for some of you,  so I created a list of some cute scrapbook titles for inspiration for your own back to school layouts!

Now I'm going back to soaking up every ounce of summer that I can before school starts!

How do you feel about back to school, are you putting on your party hat or crying in your lemonade because summer is over?

Happy scrapbooking!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How to make a Lawn Fawn Baby!

Hello crafters! 

By now you probably know that I love to use different products together to see what I can come up with. When Lawn Fawn released the 'Little Bundle' collection, I went crazy making baby cards, but I was missing one essential stamp. A baby! 

It was almost as though the good folks over at Lawn Fawn heard my cry for help because in the next release was...mermaids! Wait..what? Mermaids and babies? Confused? Well, when 2 stamps collections love each other very much... nevermind, I'll just show you!

This little guy has the head of the boy mermaid and the jammies from the Little Bundle collection. Around the studio we simply call him 'Merbaby'! 

Here's how we made this little cutie!

You'll need both the 'Little Bundle' stamps and the 'Mermaid for you' stamps. 

Grab some painters tape too, you'll need to do a bit of masking. 

Tape off everything except the mermaids head. I measured where my tape would go, pulled the tape back to ink the stamp, then put the tape back. You DO NOT want ink on the tape. Stamp the boys head onto white cardstock, with a few inches of blank space below.  

You can see near his right cheek there was a small spot that did not get masked with tape. I was going to re-stamp but I thought you could learn from seeing my mistake, you really need to make sure your tape is on correctly! 

Using the long sleeve jammies stamps, stamp the image about 1/8" below the head. 

Using a pencil (then go over it with a marker), draw lines connecting the images. That will be the baby's neck. 

Once the baby has neck lines, start colouring him in. We chose blue and green, with blond hair but that's up to you! 

Once you have him all coloured in you'll have to fussy cut him. Luckily he has a fairly simple shape, so it's pretty easy. I cut his sleeves right up to the black line, I did not leave a white border. Now stamp and die cut another mermaid boy (or girl).

Now this is where it gets kind of interesting. You need to cut the mermaids arms off ( what!!!! no, we aren't sadistic over here)!!

With a little dab of glue, adhere the arms behind the baby, to create little hands (or those adorable little newborn mitts!) 

There he is! A perfect baby boy to adorn all those new baby cards!

How do you combine stamps to get the image you need? Share your ideas below! 

Have a great week everyone! 


Friday, August 12, 2016

Using the Memory MISTI for Layouts!

Hello Scrappers!

We are so excited to be sharing this project with you! 

We are big Misti fans over here at WWSS, so when the 12x12 Memory Misti was released, naturally, we were ecstatic! We ordered a bunch in for the shop and of course one for ourselves. We started right away on our first layout!!. Here's the layout we would not have been able to create without the 12x12 Misti!

The filler in the heart was all stamped using the MISTI, as well as the sentiments around the heart. We used Lawn Fawn's 'Little Bundle' stamps. 

Here's how we made this layout and some tips to help you make one too!

We used a Cricut to cut a heart stencil out of 12x12 cardstock. Choose a colour that will contrast your layout background.

We  attached the heart stencil to the white cardstock base using a few small pieces of painters tape. We wrapped them around the edge, on the top of the dark cardstock,  but on the underside of the white cardstock. This way it would stay in place. If the painters tape was to leave any marks, it wouldn't show on the layout. 

We  placed the papers on the MISTI, heart stencil side up and began to place the stamps where we wanted them. 

Here's where you can learn from our mistake! Begin stamping in the spot where you know you will place your photo. There will be a bit of a learning curve with placing all of  the stamps correctly and seeing how far apart you want the images stamped. If you make any mistakes, you can cover them with your photo. 

Once you have all your stamps placed where you want them, lift the Misti lid and ink your stamps, then fold back over to stamp your images. We used a light purple ink and we had to stamp at least twice each time, thank goodness for the Misti or we  wouldn't have been able to stamp in the same spot more than once! Believe me, many mistakes have been made trying to line the stamps up perfectly, grrr.

Here's where it gets a bit tedious. The stamps need to be cleaned after each use or when you try to place the stamps again, you will get the excess ink on your page. We really didn't feel like running to the sink and back every few minutes so we grabbed another one of our new favourite tools...the Lawn Fawn Stamp Shammy! 

At first we was a bit skeptical about this product. "How on earth is that little cloth going to clean the  stamps"? Wouldn't we  just have to clean the cloth afterwards...isn't that extra work!?' Well...nope! This thing is  fantastic. You simply  wet the shammy, ring out the excess water and wipe your stamps clean. That's it. The ink that the shammy picks up does not transfer back onto your stamps. 

That is  a 100% unpaid, unsolicited review! The shammy really is just that fantastic! 

Back to the layout.. lol, 

We kept on repeating the process until the entire heart was filled with the stamped images. It took quite a while, but we put some music on, closed the studio door and  actually found it to be quite relaxing. 

The finished heart! Turned out great!

The heart turned out exactly as we had envisioned. The edges looked a bit unfinished  though, it need a little something. What goes better on a baby layout than some hand stitching?

We  put a piece of 1/2" thick craft foam under the layout and used a sewing needle to pierce holes about 1/4" apart. We used pink embroidery floss and stitched around the heart. We were really pleased with the result. 

We  felt the edge still needed a little something though. We knew turquoise would be an accent colour on this layout so out came the stamps again! Here's where the Misti really proved it's worth again. 

Once again, we placed the stamps where we wanted them on the layout and picked them up using the Misti. We wanted the sentiment to curve around the heart, something else we wouldn't have been able to do without the Misti. 

Turned out perfect! We stamped a few more sentiments. Now to embellish the layout & add the photo! 

We trimmed the edges 1/4" on each side and added a pink background paper to create a border. 

We added a title, some flowers and called it a day! I really wanted the stamped heart to be the focus of the layout. Mission accomplished!

The Memory Misti, the Lawn Fawn 'Little Bundle' set and Stamp Shammy are available in the shop. (Don't forget you get free shipping within Canada when you purchase the Memory Misti!)

We would love to see your ideas for using the Memory Misti for scrapbook layouts! Please share below!



Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jillibean Soup & Lawn Fawn Card!

Hello Crafters!

Don't you just love it  when you can use two products from two different brands and they come together so perfectly? I do! 

That is  what happened when I set out to make a get well card using Jillibean Soup's shaped shaker dies 'jar set' and Lawn Fawn's 'On the Mend' stamp/die set. 

Here's the card!

There are actually 4 bugs in the jar, one of them must be camera shy! 

This is how I made the card:

1. The Jillibean soup shaker card comes with  the mason jar shape pre-cut. How convenient is that! Choose a patterned paper for the front of your card, ensuring that it is bigger than the card front. You need space to trim it afterwards.  You may also decorate your card using the die cuts that you can order as well. (Like above)

2. Place the mason jar die over the paper where you want to cut the shape. You need to have enough paper on either side of the die to cover the card front.

*TIP: A bit of painters tape will hold your die in place while you run it through the machine. 


3. After you've cut the mason jar shape out of your patterned paper, fit it over the plastic shaker and flip the card over. Trace the edge of the card on the back of the patterned paper and cut it to size. Adhere the patterned paper to the card front, ensuring the 2 mason jar cuts line up perfectly. 

4. Stamp your sentiment on the front of the card. This is where the Lawn Fawn stamps came in perfectly! Die cut as many of the bugs from the 'On the Mend' set as you'd like and colour them. *If you're using a background colour behind your mason jar, now is the time to die cut it (using the same jar die cut) and adhere it in the correct spot to the inside of your card. 

5. Fill your shaker with as many bugs and shaker filling as you like! We used yellow, green, pink and white from a Queen & co Toppings set, as well as 4 bugs.  We also carry the Queen and Co. products for your convenience.

6. Very carefully, place your filled  plastic shaker  into the mason jar hole, open side facing up.  Peel off the adhesive backing and carefully fold the back of the card down onto the shaker, pressing firmly to make sure there are no gaps for your filling to fall out.

Turn your card upright and giver 'er a shake! I made me smile, and it will definitely cheer up someone  who is under the weather! 

You can use any type of stamps and embellishments to fill your shaker cards. 
We also carry  the stars and cloud set.  The sets are adorable!!!
Happy crafting!


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Heartfelt Creations Berry Cafe Projects!

Good morning crafters!

To say that I'm totally in love with Heartfelt Creations Berry Cafe collection would be a huge understatement! As soon as we received it in our office I was showing it off to everyone!

These are just a few of the samples from the 12x12 paper pad, these  really show off the gorgeous colors in this collection. 

I could not wait to dig in to this! I knew a card was in the plans right away!

The stamp/die sets are so intricate you really need to see them in person to appreciate all the detail, right down to the seeds in the strawberries and the markings on the wood fence, these stamps are so detailed! 

Shortly after we received the collection, I was headed out to camp for the week- end  with the family. You think that would stop me from stamping and coloring? Nope! I packed up my stamps, colored pencils and blenders and created these die cuts while sitting back under the sun. Can you think of anything more relaxing!? 

Once I was back to the real world and had my die cuts all coloured, I chose a 5.25" x 5.25" square card front from the paper pad. There are a few different ones to choose from, I liked the blue border on this one. I arranged my die cuts the way I liked and then  chose a sentiment. There is also a selection of those in the paper pad. I adhered it all to a plain off-white card base and "voila", easy peasy!

Now let's get back to that part about relaxing, Let me tell you about this bottle of wine!

I love giving a bottle of my favourite wine as a thank you gift. Adding a gift tag t makes it a bit more personal (and pretty!).

Here's the instructions for making this tag:

1. Cut a piece of patterned paper 10" x 2.75".  Again, I used the berry cafe collection.

2. Cut a piece of coordinating cardstock 1/4" bigger than that.

3. Score the patterned paper at 3.25" and run a bone folder over it to ensure a solid fold. 

4. Using either a circle punch or trace something round the size that you need, cut a 1.25" hole approximately 1 inch above the fold. 1.25" is a good size for a standard size wine bottle, but if you're using a different bottle, measure the hole accordingly. 

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 on the plain cardstock. Be careful to ensure that the holes line up, while still maintaining an even border all the way around.

6. Apply adhesive to the back of the patterned paper and adhere it to the plain cardstock. Decorate your tag using some of the many gorgeous embellishments in the paper pad! 

Anyone (ahem...your favourite local scrapbook shop owner perhaps,  lol!), who receives a great bottle of wine, with a beautiful tag is pretty lucky in my eyes!  Just make sure if it is a scrapbooking  friend, finish your coloring before you break into the wine! Ha!

Have a great day!!


Friday, August 5, 2016

Crate Paper Farmhouse Layout

Good Morning Scrappers!

For us, fall is all about family time and getting the little ones out to enjoy the cool weather before the snow sets in. Every year we visit a local farm to get some fresh produce, take a hay ride and pick some pumpkins. 

As soon as I saw these journaling cards from Crate Paper's Farmhouse Collection,  I knew they would be perfect for scrapping our trip to the farm last fall! 

I love using journaling cards on layouts because they add clean lines to start with, which allows you to  build on top of that. I picked 6 cards from this sheet that I thought would go well together. I'll use the others for other layouts or cards. 

I placed the cards on the layout, and used my grid crafting mat to ensure they were even and straight. I shopped through my stash to see what I already had that would fit the theme. 

Wood embellishments go great with this collection because the color palette is very outdoorsy (is that a word!?).

I used some washi tape to embellish two of the cards, and a few metal pieces to add depth. 

The title 'blessed' is from the Simple Stories 'We are Family' collection. The colors of that collection also work well here. 

This fall will, of course, include another trip to the farm for pumpkin collecting! Do you pick your own pumpkins in the fall?