Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jillibean Soup & Lawn Fawn Card!

Hello Crafters!

Don't you just love it  when you can use two products from two different brands and they come together so perfectly? I do! 

That is  what happened when I set out to make a get well card using Jillibean Soup's shaped shaker dies 'jar set' and Lawn Fawn's 'On the Mend' stamp/die set. 

Here's the card!

There are actually 4 bugs in the jar, one of them must be camera shy! 

This is how I made the card:

1. The Jillibean soup shaker card comes with  the mason jar shape pre-cut. How convenient is that! Choose a patterned paper for the front of your card, ensuring that it is bigger than the card front. You need space to trim it afterwards.  You may also decorate your card using the die cuts that you can order as well. (Like above)

2. Place the mason jar die over the paper where you want to cut the shape. You need to have enough paper on either side of the die to cover the card front.

*TIP: A bit of painters tape will hold your die in place while you run it through the machine. 


3. After you've cut the mason jar shape out of your patterned paper, fit it over the plastic shaker and flip the card over. Trace the edge of the card on the back of the patterned paper and cut it to size. Adhere the patterned paper to the card front, ensuring the 2 mason jar cuts line up perfectly. 

4. Stamp your sentiment on the front of the card. This is where the Lawn Fawn stamps came in perfectly! Die cut as many of the bugs from the 'On the Mend' set as you'd like and colour them. *If you're using a background colour behind your mason jar, now is the time to die cut it (using the same jar die cut) and adhere it in the correct spot to the inside of your card. 

5. Fill your shaker with as many bugs and shaker filling as you like! We used yellow, green, pink and white from a Queen & co Toppings set, as well as 4 bugs.  We also carry the Queen and Co. products for your convenience.

6. Very carefully, place your filled  plastic shaker  into the mason jar hole, open side facing up.  Peel off the adhesive backing and carefully fold the back of the card down onto the shaker, pressing firmly to make sure there are no gaps for your filling to fall out.

Turn your card upright and giver 'er a shake! I made me smile, and it will definitely cheer up someone  who is under the weather! 

You can use any type of stamps and embellishments to fill your shaker cards. 
We also carry  the stars and cloud set.  The sets are adorable!!!
Happy crafting!


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