Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How to make a Lawn Fawn Baby!

Hello crafters! 

By now you probably know that I love to use different products together to see what I can come up with. When Lawn Fawn released the 'Little Bundle' collection, I went crazy making baby cards, but I was missing one essential stamp. A baby! 

It was almost as though the good folks over at Lawn Fawn heard my cry for help because in the next release was...mermaids! Wait..what? Mermaids and babies? Confused? Well, when 2 stamps collections love each other very much... nevermind, I'll just show you!

This little guy has the head of the boy mermaid and the jammies from the Little Bundle collection. Around the studio we simply call him 'Merbaby'! 

Here's how we made this little cutie!

You'll need both the 'Little Bundle' stamps and the 'Mermaid for you' stamps. 

Grab some painters tape too, you'll need to do a bit of masking. 

Tape off everything except the mermaids head. I measured where my tape would go, pulled the tape back to ink the stamp, then put the tape back. You DO NOT want ink on the tape. Stamp the boys head onto white cardstock, with a few inches of blank space below.  

You can see near his right cheek there was a small spot that did not get masked with tape. I was going to re-stamp but I thought you could learn from seeing my mistake, you really need to make sure your tape is on correctly! 

Using the long sleeve jammies stamps, stamp the image about 1/8" below the head. 

Using a pencil (then go over it with a marker), draw lines connecting the images. That will be the baby's neck. 

Once the baby has neck lines, start colouring him in. We chose blue and green, with blond hair but that's up to you! 

Once you have him all coloured in you'll have to fussy cut him. Luckily he has a fairly simple shape, so it's pretty easy. I cut his sleeves right up to the black line, I did not leave a white border. Now stamp and die cut another mermaid boy (or girl).

Now this is where it gets kind of interesting. You need to cut the mermaids arms off ( what!!!! no, we aren't sadistic over here)!!

With a little dab of glue, adhere the arms behind the baby, to create little hands (or those adorable little newborn mitts!) 

There he is! A perfect baby boy to adorn all those new baby cards!

How do you combine stamps to get the image you need? Share your ideas below! 

Have a great week everyone! 


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